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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply to Intern/Volunteer in Uganda through EACC?

Shoot us an email stating that you're interested in applying to be a part of our summer program. We will set up an in person interview to determine your interests, and explain our application process. 

Is EACC free?

YES! Becoming a member of EACC is completely free. We are here because we love Uganda and how it has changed our lives. We want to create mutually beneficial connections between student and organization.

How do I get matched with an organization?

After you go through the process of joining EACC, we will help you decide what organization will be the best fit for you based on your skills, interests, and the organizations needs. 

What are the costs of volunteering or interning in Uganda?

It all depends on what organization you are matched with. Some of our organizations have a small fee for interns, because you are there solely to learn and EACC wants to ensure that the organization has the means to dedicate time out of their day to show you the ins and outs of their work. You will be responsible for raising your own funds for your trip, although EACC is here to support you. The main cost is always airfare. An average cost is 3.5k for 6-8 weeks. 

Do I need to book my own flights, accommodation, and transportation?

EACC will receive your funds to book accommodation and transportation, to get the cheapest group rates for each member. We will all book our flights together (think flight booking party) to ensure we are on the same flight and can make the 4 hour drive to Jinja together. Organizational fees will be conducted between you and the organization. 

Where will I stay?

EACC has formed a relationship with a Guest House in Jinja where all EACC Summer '18 Program members will stay together. This is the cheapest way to stay in Uganda for your time abroad and it will also offer support and community while you venture through the experiences. Breakfast will be included every day, and dinners will be available on weekdays, as part of your fee to stay. If you are volunteering for one of the organizations in the villages or in Kampala, we will send you in groups of 2 and assist in finding accommodations. 

Are there rules I need to abide imposed by EACC?

EACC does not have rules, but we do have expectations. The culture in Uganda is vastly different than that of America. There are many cultural faux pas. Consuming alcohol in Uganda is greatly looked down upon, so if that is a necessity for you, EACC is not the right fit. Women and men are expected to wear appropriate dress, nothing above the knee or tight for women (long skirts/dresses are the norm), and no shorts for men.

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