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Who are East Africa Connection's Partners?

There are approximately 100 NGOs in the small town of Jinja, Uganda. After dedicating hours of research and meeting with many different organizations on the ground in Uganda, we partnered with organizations that emulate long-term sustainability and community empowerment.

EAC has created unique internship opportunities with organizations ranging from the medical field, photography, education, hospitality and tourism, women's empowerment, politics, ministry, special needs education, orphan care, animal refuge, conservation, and for-profit business

Our executive team determines which of our 12 partner-organizations in Uganda will be the best fit for you, taking into consideration your passions and experience. We then put you in contact with the organization, help with the application process, the preparation process in the months leading up to the journey, and we will also help with fund-raising activities and ideas, accommodation in Uganda, transportation, activities, and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us.

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