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What is East Africa Connection?

EACC is a program that connects those interested in interning or volunteering, with sustainable, grassroots, nonprofit organizations in Uganda, Africa. We are passionate about creating life-long connections between intern/volunteer and organization. 

East Africa Connection's mission was built on the foundation created from the four points below:

To provide information about sustainable volunteering or interning opportunities in Uganda, Africa.

To inspire those to learn about the social, political, and economical challenges in developing countries.

To educate about elements that contribute to the efficacy of nonprofit organizations in developing countries.

To connect those interested in volunteering with worthy non-profit organizations in Uganda, Africa. 


Interested in joining the club, but still not sure about heading to Uganda? All are welcome. East Africa Connection Club exists to provide a platform of information, resources, and support to students who are excited to engage, embrace, and experience East Africa.

Interested in becoming part of the EACC movement? Contact us by clicking here.

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